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Postby jonvan » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:23 am

Board Meeting 6-13-2013


Beer Week Recap: The event with Dr. McGovern was a success, the others not so much. For next year we'll focus more on educational events and less so on "everybody come out and drink our beer" events.

NHC: We're having two more meetings to go over the rest of the details. One will be this week, the other on June 25th at 7:30.

After NHC we'll all (hopefully) be going to the shop to help clean on the Sunday after the conference ends. We'll be there from noon to 5 and have sausages and beers for everyone that helps with the cleaning. Non club members will get 1 free hot dog with a receipt from the store.

If you're going to NHC and haven't been included in the other meetings /discussions, PM somebody on the board to get access to the forum with all of the details.

Next Event: We're shooting for August 10th, but we have to check on the availability of several locations. The Crane is booked up for most weekends in August, so we talked about the idea of using the parking lot or possibly Liberty Lands.

We're looking into getting Kolsch glasses for this event. They're cool and they look like this:

We're also thinking of having a people's choice winner for everyone's favorite beer at the event.

3rd Friday Meeting: This month it's on the 21st. We'll have Megan Moore from Evolution Brewing as the speaker. There will be a grill where we'll be cooking up burgers and dogs. We're thinking of ways for club members to receive more feedback on their beer, we're thinking of having a featured brewer every month who will have their beer critiqued by club members.

Membership Dues: We have 8 members, not including the board. Membership is $30 in June, after that its $5 x months remaining in the year. Membership renewals start on January 1st.

Equipment Rental: Are you interested? We're thinking of ways to charge for and track what is used during each rental. As Jimmy said at the meeting "we could do it, but it takes math."

Brewing at Vault: We're going to reschedule, just about everyone forgot about this.

Next Barcade Brew?
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